What is Workbar Union?

Workbar Union is a new coworking space located in the heart of Union Square (31 Union Square). Founded by US2, the master developer for Union Square’s redevelopment, in partnership with Workbar, a Boston and Cambridge based coworking company, Workbar Union is a vibrant shared workspace for startups, independent professionals, small businesses, and remote employees from larger enterprises. Members benefit from high quality office amenities including fast and secure wifi, printer, scanner, conference rooms with A/V equipment, bottomless fair trade coffee, fruits and snacks. Most importantly, Workbar Union members are surrounded by a strong community in Union Square and across 11 other spaces within the Workbar Network.

Why did US2 bring Workbar to Union? 

One of US2’s goals for the redevelopment of Union Square is to foster the neighborhood’s evolution into a significant jobs center, thereby fulfilling a community objective outlined in the SomerVision strategic plan. US2 leased the space, initiated the partnership with Workbar and funded the space improvements to create Workbar Union. US2 wanted to create a coworking space in Union Square and invest in the Workbar Union project as an early action to stimulate the local employment market.

What activities will take place at Workbar Union?

Workbar Union will provide a home for early-stage companies and entrepreneurs as they seek to grow and thrive in Somerville’s bustling creative economy. The space will be a collaboration center for 75 local workers and will be connected to a community of over 1000 workers throughout metro Boston. It will add to the square’s business and community vitality by hosting regular community events and business forums.

Why 31 Union Square?

It’s great space in an historic building in the heart of the square. It was an opportunity for US2 to take a property that had been vacant for almost nine months, invest in its improvement and reactivate it in a way that supports the future of Union Square.

Who are the members of Workbar?

A diverse array of startups, remote workers, and independent professionals and freelancers make up Workbar's membership. By joining Workbar, these members are able to access a flexible array of workspaces and a collaborative and diverse community that provides inspiration, expertise and support.

Workbar Union is part of the Workbar Network. What is the Workbar Network?

The Workbar Network is a member community based at Workbar's three Hub locations in Boston, Cambridge and Somerville, six partner cowkorking spaces across Massachusetts, including the Fields Corner Business Lab in Dorchester, Work Station in Cohasset, The Entrepreneur Innovation Center at Framingham State University, Running Start in Worcester, The UMass Lowell Innovation Hub, and Groundwork! in New Bedford, and three sector focused Centers of Excellence hosted by industry leaders, including Adtech at Mullen Lowe, Fintech at DCU, and Health Innovation at IHI.

Members of any Workbar Network coworking space enjoy a short commute along with the full benefits of Workbar Network membership, which include reciprocal usage of all nine coworking locations, inclusion in the Workbar Network’s digital communities and members-only directory, and access to business and social events across all locations.

The Workbar Network currently has 1000 members who represent every industry present in the Greater Boston ecosystem.

How do I join Workbar Union?

Click here to learn more about Workbar Union and schedule your tour. Also, please feel free to stop by the space and meet with our community manager, Anne Sholley. She can give you a tour and guide you through the process. If you have any questions, you can always email Anne at Anne@workbar.com. 

Will US2 have an office in Workbar Union?

Yes, Workbar Union will serve as US2’s headquarters in Somerville, MA, and US2 will have dedicated offices within the coworking space. For the last nine months, we’ve been working out of Workbar Cambridge and we look forward to moving closer to home.

Why did US2 decide to partner with Workbar?

Workbar is an ideal partner for US2.  They are home grown (started in Boston in 2009) and they are the nation’s leading operator of coworking spaces. Curbed Boston praised Workbar as “the most community driven” of all the Boston-area coworking companies, and readers ranked it the “best third space work option in Boston.” Our partnership is an innovative way to bring more vitality and commerce to Union Square and jumpstart its revitalization, helping both new and existing businesses.

What is happening with the storefront windows?

Neither US2 nor Workbar owns the property that will house Workbar Union.  US2 is a tenant in the building along with Thrive Studio and a number of upper floor tenants, and does not have any ownership interest in the property.  Under our lease with the owner 31-33 Union Square, US2 is responsible for the interior build out of the space it is leasing.  The owner is renovating the exterior of the building and it is our understanding that the ownership is evaluating alternatives for the storefront after receiving community feedback regarding its initial renovation proposal.

Were local businesses included in this project?

Yes, in constructing this project, US2 was committed to hiring local contractors. J.J. Vaccaro, Inc., a Union Square-based Union General Contractor completed the construction of the project along with other Somerville-based subtractors including Bent Electric, Pavidis Plumbing, and New Color Painting Company. In addition, local businesses helped put some finishing touches on the space including SRP Sign Corporation, Recover Green Roofs, and Crystal R. Burney, a local muralist.

Who is US2?

Union Square Station Associates (US2) is the City of Somerville’s master developer partner for the state-approved Union Square Revitalization Project that includes over 15 acres of redevelopment near the future Union Square MBTA Green Line Station. US2 is collaborating with the community to create a vital and viable redevelopment plan for Union Square that realizes the community objectives as laid out in Somerville’s long-term plan, SomerVision. These objectives include making Union Square into a destination for employers, creating public green space, achieving housing goals with a range of affordability, and preserving the historical character and authenticity that everybody loves today.

For more information on US2, visit www.us2unionsquare.com, or find us on Twitter or Facebook.

Who is Workbar?

Workbar is a network of shared, coworking office spaces for all business types—including startups, independent professionals, small businesses, and remote teams from large enterprises. Along with a productive work environment, Workbar fosters a vibrant community ready and willing to help each other build, create, and grow their businesses. Started in 2009, Workbar has grown its Network to 12 sites and over 1000 members from 250+ different companies.

For more information on Workbar, visit www.workbar.com