US2 (Union Square Station Associates) is a development team built specifically for the Union Square Redevelopment Project.

At US2, we see ourselves as not just master planners and real estate developers, but as strategic community builders and place makers. We are a diverse group of industry experts who share a common passion: our commitment to carrying out the goals set forth by the Union Square community for the future of this special neighborhood.

Places remembered best aren’t defined by buildings and streetscapes; like Union Square, they are defined by the people who call them home.

Our model of success is simple: ”People, then place, then buildings”.

The Union Square Revitalization Project has the potential to pioneer a new standard for community planning, flexible design, adaptive reuse and smart growth planning in building sustainable yet authentic neighborhoods.

US2 is a team of talented, creative & passionate individuals committed to work in partnership with the City of Somerville, Somerville Redevelopment Authority (SRA), Civic Advisory Committee (CAC), current property owners & the Union Square community to achieve the goals outlined by the community in SomerVision – creating new jobs, new homes at a range of price points, and green and open public spaces – all while preserving the historical character and ‘funk’ of Union Square that everybody loves today.

SomerVision emphasizes that smart planning is best when community members are engaged in civic life and decision-making. Since the beginning of the master developer selection process, we have been actively engaging with the Union Square community.

Our Team


Jim Loewenberg, Principal.  

Richard Stein, Principal.  


Greg Karczewski, President.

Project Management

Drew Leff, Project Management

Rebecca Rutenberg

Paul Scapicchio, Project Advisor

John Rattigan, Of Counsel

Office & Lab Brokers and Advisors, JLL.

Molly Health

Pete Bekerian


Retail & Placemaking

Jesse Baerkahn, Retail Specialist.



Gustavo Quiroga, Retail Advising.

Erin Bozarth, Placemaking.

Meejiin Yoon, Architect.

David Hacin, Architect.

Deborah Fennick, Transportation.

Eric Hoewler, Architect.

Jeanne Gang, Architect.

Katie Faulkner, Architect.

Ralph DeNisco, Construction.